Polo - Horses - Events

Aki Polo is an organisation based in Holland, but active in the whole of Europe. It is run by Aki van Andel, a well known Dutch polo player.  We are active on different levels in the polo sport. We Focus on three different Components.   

-Polo -       
Organizing matches, professional players, practices, lessons, clinics, polo holidays.  

-Horses -  
Breeding, breaking, buying and selling of polo horses.  

-Events -   
Organising polo tournaments, sports events, sponsor deals, catering 


We can help you organizing your polo. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player.  We can advice you on a number of things. 

If you are looking for professional players, horses or any polo related question, let us know.  We are active in Holland from may till september. In Spain march, april and october, In Argentina october till april. 

Polo Horses

We breed several horses per year and retrain ex racehorses to become polo horses. We also import polo pony's from other countries like Argentina and New Zealand to sell in Europe.
We  have a few rental horses for lessons or tournament matches.
Feel free to contact us if you are looking for polo horses. 

We can also organize transportation to import horses.


We organize several events during the Dutch polo season. These are our main events:

Dutch Open
Polo Brabant
Twentsch Polo Event
Frysian Polo Trophy
Maxima cup
- Kiwanis Polo Picknick

If you want to organize a polo event, feel free to contact us.

Horses for Sale:

Centurion (sold)

Name: @Centurion
Gender: Gelding
Age: 9 years
Color: red bay / colorado
Stick: 52 / 53
Mother: Cerveza
Father: Chapa Galeano
Breeder: Miguel N. Astrada
Born: 2-1-2010
Country: Argentina
Imported EU: june 2017 


Name: Trueno
Gender: Gelding
Age: 9 years
Color: Chestnut
Stick: 53
Mother: Tormenta
Father: Asesino (vigorous toss)
Breeder: Aki van Andel
Born: June 2011
Country: Holland
Imported EU:  -
Price 12.500,- Euro


Name: Nonnie and Norny
Gender: Mare

Age: 6 years
Color: bay
Stick: 52 
Mother: Sophie 'Jo
Father: Frozen Power
Breeder: Botteril 
Born: 27-1-2014
Country: England
Imported EU: -
Price: 8500,- Euro

Horses Sold:

Cercado (sold)

Checkmate (sold

Cordobes (sold)

Name: @Cercado
Gender: Gelding
Color: dark brown / zaino
Stick: 51
Mother: Certeza
Father: Gold Macy
Breeder: Miguel N. Astrada
Born: 2-09-2009
Country: Argentina
Imported EU: june 2017 

Name: Checkmate
Gender: Gelding
Color: chestnut
Stick: 52
Mother: ? (quarter horse)
Father: ?
Breeder: ?
Country: Holland

Name: @Cordobes
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut / Alazan
Stick: 52 /53
Mother: Cordillera
Father: Bagual
Breeder: Miguel N. Astrada
Born: 10-09-2009
Country: Argentina
Imported EU: june 2017 

Stallions and semen available in Europe

We work together with several breeders in creating a wide choice of Polo Argentino stallions in Europe with the best possible bloodlines like Sportivo, Ellerstina Picaro, Open Chimento and so on. The offspring of these stallions are all registered as Polo Argentino, DNA-tested and chipped. All breeding activities are under the Stud Terms & Conditions of the selected stalion.